About US

About Us

At Everyday Health, our devoted and award-winning editorial team strives to provide you with the most reliable health information daily. We uphold uncompromising standards for truthfulness, objectivity and a balanced view, generating dependable content that is grounded on contemporary, evidence-backed health, and medical details. We also incorporate real-life experiences of patients and healthcare practitioners. We are focused on empowering you to take charge of your health. Our wide-reaching content, consisting of articles, visuals, videos, utilities, and more, is drafted by skilled and credited health journalists, backed by invaluable insights from our Health Expert Network.

Leadership Team


Our seasoned group of creative health content pioneers supervises the work of our editorial team, ensuring the delivery of valuable, actionable, and authoritative health data.

Health Expert Network

With a team comprising of medical and wellness authorities, inclusive of board-certified doctors, other healthcare specialists, and patient advocates, Everyday Health upholds the quality and accuracy of our content, confirming that it’s current and useful.

Content and Policies


At Everyday Health, we perceive health and wellness holistically. We endeavor to deliver a diverse array of content that caters to every aspect of your health journey, whether you’re newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, living with a chronic disease or making lifestyle modifications to prevent or manage a health condition.

Editorial Policy: Adhering to our rigorous editorial rules, ethics, and standards, Everyday Health develops up-to-the-minute, trustworthy health information and medical research content. Discover more about our editorial policy.

Ad Policy: We provide diverse advertising options, ranging from banner ads, sponsorships to affiliate programs. All these are tailored to align with an individual organization’s or product’s branding strategy. While doing so, however, we maintain a strict boundary between editorial and advertising content and do not allow advertisers to sway our editorial content. Our advertising revenue helps us fulfill our mission of inspiring people to lead their healthiest lives, each day. To learn more about our Ad Policy, click here.

Privacy Policy: For details on the data we gather, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use: For information regarding your interaction with the Everyday Health website and application, please refer to our Terms of Use.



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